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The American Society of Legal Nurse Consultants (ASLNC) provides Certification and support to enhance the practice of Legal Nurse Consultants.

We support the learning and professional development of our members, who strive to improve the quality of care to all recipients of healthcare.

To create a community for Legal Nurse Consultants who lead in using scholarship, knowledge and technology to enhance the resources and support for the litigation team they serve.

To enhance the community with Nationally recognized Gold Standard ASLNC-Certified Consultants , the ASLNC accepts credits from several Universities and Legal Nurse Consulting Educational Centers towards ASLNC Certification. To name a few Washington University, Stoney Brook University, Purdue University, Long Island University, LNC Educational Center. Call TODAY for additional information. In  need of LNC Certification or Recertification ?
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Members and Staff


It gives me great pleasure to welcome new members and those who continue to support the ASLNC. I hope you will take pride in being part of a very specialized group of professionals here to support and share all facets of a very dynamic career in "Legal Nurse Consulting".

        On behalf of the board members, I would like to personally congratulate you on choosing such a dynamic career as "Legal Nurse Consultant".

        As you work as an ASLNC-Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, it is very important to always strive for a very high level of professionalism in everything you do. It is also essential to understand the state law in which you will practice. Knowledge of state law equals having the strategic ability to be a powerful part on the litigation team.

        The ASLNC is committed to providing leadership, knowledge and academic development for the Legal Nurse Consultant. It is about time that nurses initiate spreading their wings and soaring above in this career. ASLNC-Certified Legal Nurse Consultants utilize their nursing expertise and knowledge of the law, to provide support and resources to the litigation team. The ASLNC-Certified Legal Nurse Consultants create a unique bridge between the health care and legal professions that would otherwise be difficult to attain.

        The ASLNC is committed to provide support and resources necessary to assist its ASLNC-Certified members as they develop their Legal Nurse Consulting career, this knowledge is imperative as the ASLNC-Certified Legal Nurse Consultants practices and prepares for trial.

        The ASLNC Certification is nationally recognized and its membership is growing leaps and bounds.

        Feel free to e-mail any of the board members by visiting our web site or contact the president at:



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